Intimidation of union reps at UCU Senate House and an update on the in-housing programme

UCU Senate House is aware of allegations concerning the treatment of the IWGB branch secretary and we have now raised our concerns directly with University of London management.

Singling out officers or representatives of trade unions is wrong in any institution let alone in a university setting. It’s also potentially unlawful. We will stand in solidarity with any colleague who is subject to this treatment.

With regards to the University in-housing programme, we are of course pleased that a group of staff will be University of London employees from late spring 2019. The mandate we have from UCU members at Senate House is to hold the University to the promises it has made, and the most explicit of these relates to the first stage of in-housing. This stage is going well.

The next stages of the in-housing programme are a key challenge. As always, we welcome feedback from UCU members at Senate House about moving forward with this.