Launch of UoL Worldwide Change Management

The unions have been notified change management in UoL Worldwide is starting. Members in UoLW may have heard a presentation by Craig a little earlier this morning confirming this. 

Phase 1 of this involves approximately 20 staff in UoL Worldwide and puts a few jobs at risk of redundancy. Formal consultation has started for those members of staff affected.

Craig suggested that phase 2 will last three to six months, could involve JD changes for the majority of the rest of the staff base, but is not designed to reduce headcount – he confirmed that everyone in scope will have a job in the new structure. We are clarifying the formal consultation timelines covering phase 2.  Unions received documentation in advance in line with the change management policy, and we have given some initial feedback.

If you are included in a change management proposal, what are my rights and what support is available from the union? 

  1.  The University must follow its change management policy. Read through it, it’s useful for colleagues to know what it says. 
  2. ‘Informal heads up’. If your post is at risk of redundancy, management will generally give you an informal heads up shortly before the consultation period begins. This avoids a situation where you find out that your job is at risk during a public meeting. 
  3. Kick off meeting. This is where management formally announces the proposals. Union reps will be present. Supporting paperwork must be provided to you at this stage. Efforts must be made to engage with colleagues who are on maternity leave, sick leave, on furlough, and so on. We expect that these meetings will give colleagues a meaningful chance to ask questions. For example, use of video/audio rather than instant message. Kick off meetings need to be a two-way dialogue. 
  4. We can call a group meeting of members, or staff in a team/department more broadly, to facilitate a conversation between colleagues about proposed changes. Such meetings can be open, i.e. not just for union members. This helps us plan what questions to ask at group meetings and what points to make to HR/management. Taking part in a group meeting can also help you prepare for any one-to-one meeting you’ll need to attend. Contact us if you want this. 
  5. We can also request follow-up staff meetings with management. Sometimes colleagues will have lots of significant questions very shortly after the kick off of a process. And so requesting a meeting at which management are required to answer important questions of a collective nature can provide some clarity early on. Contact us if you want this. 
  6. Anyone included within scope of change management is also entitled to individual consultation. If your job is identified as at risk of redundancy, the University will invite you to a one-to-one meeting and you can be accompanied by a rep; if your job is not at risk of redundancy but is proposed to change (e.g. move team, substantially altered JD), you can request a one-to-one meeting at which you’re accompanied by a rep. If you fall into the second group, we would strongly encourage you to take up your right to a one-to-one meeting in order to seek influence over the proposals. In both cases, if your first one-to-one doesn’t give you the answers or information you are looking for in order to give an informed view about the proposals, request a second one. Use your right to individual consultation fully and ask your union rep for help. 
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