Academic Promotions Round 2018 at SAS

In late 2018, we submitted a number of queries to management in response to feedback from members about the Academic Promotions Round 2018.

We understand that the criteria for promotion in 2018 required candidates to demonstrate “excellence” in two of three areas rather than in one of three areas as required by the previous policy. This seemed to us as a significant change to the criteria for promotion, and we argued that this should have triggered the application of the Change Management Policy. The policy had already been launched for a couple of weeks by the time we made this challenge. However, we sought a reassurance from the University that this would not happen again. In response to this, the University has agreed to meet with UCU to discuss concerns in advance of the 2019 policy being released. We will be in touch with members before any meetings to seek representations.

Additionally, we requested data on the total applicants in the promotion round and total applicants that progressed to stage 2 of the process for each of the last three years. We understand that this informtion is currently being compiled.

We would welcome questions/comments from members.