FM Review: joint statement by UCU and UNISON, Senate House branches

Dear All,

As you’ll be aware – there has been a statement from the Vice-Chancellor that confirms the Board of Trustees has agreed to start bringing out-sourced workers back in-house.

This is a positive result but it isn’t over. We now need to seek more clarity and commitment from the University and to work diligently and with purpose to scrutinize the next steps in the process, and to ensure that it happens.

We always knew that going into this process we were going to have to consider the technicalities of things like transferring contracts and developing infrastructure, and that’s why we’re going to need as much help as possible from all of those involved in order to get it done properly and in good time.

I encourage all members to email and give us your thoughts on the announcement.

We’ll be coming back to you very soon with more updates based on member feedback. In the meantime, please read the following message as it is intended: a promise from us to do our part in bringing people back in-house as quickly as possible.

Tim Hall
Branch Chair



As you will be aware the recognised trade unions at the University of London, UNISON and UCU, have taken part in the ongoing Facilities Management Review, and have consistently worked hard to persuade the University to end outsourcing and bring all outsourced workers back in-house.

Both UCU and UNISON are very encouraged to hear the Board of Trustees have agreed with the joint recommendation, reached through discussions between management and Union representatives, to bring outsourced workers in-house. This will happen in a phased basis, starting in 18/19, this phased approach was agreed in order to minimise the impact on the financial health of the University and create sustainable services for many years to come. We will continue to work together to expedite the process as much as practically possible and to ensure a positive outcome for both outsourced workers and University staff.

Once brought in-house, our outsourced workforce will benefit significantly through direct employment by the University with greater stability, job security, career development and progression, better terms and conditions, workforce policies, and fairer working practices.

We will of course keep members updated with our progress.

UCU and UNISON, Senate House branches