Day 14: a note of thanks // strike pay deductions

IMG_20180228_164538_635While strike action is always a last resort, we have noticed some silver linings during this dispute. One of these has been strong support from students and unstinting solidarity across the trade union movement, both locally and nationally.

We would like to thank the following groups or individuals. These expressions of thanks appear in alphabetical order.

  • Members of UCU Senate House branch
    To all of you who participated in meetings leading up to the strike, made a banner or placard, took part in strike action, joined a picket line, helped organise picketing, attended a march, participated in a rally, or simply shared words of solidarity – thank you.
  • President of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Louise Regan.
  • Senate House and Edexcel branch, UNISON
    A donation of £500 was made by UNISON’s local branch and colleagues have joined picket lines since Tuesday of this week.
  • Students
    Most of the students passing through Senate House seem to understand the cause and nature of this dispute. This boosted our morale on some of those icy days in the snow and was a constant reminder as to why we enjoy going to work. This open letter by 24 students at the School of Advanced Study was an important moment of the campaign.
  • University of London branch, Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB)
    Last but not least, members of IWGB have been on strike and picketed Senate House every day during this dispute. They’ve shown warmth and humour, and also offered our branch really helpful practical support.

Strike pay deductions

For those of you who did take strike action, we are pleased to report that UCU Senate House have successfully negotiated with the HR that members of staff who took strike action during this dispute will have pay deductions split over four months.

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