Update for members: offer made, our response

You may be aware that UCU and UUK reached an agreement under the auspices of ACAS yesterday. This was emailed to members and announced on Twitter at around 7.30pm.

UCU’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) are meeting throughout Tuesday to consider this proposal. Meanwhile, all UCU branches were asked to send a delegate to a meeting (between 11am and 2pm) at UCU’s headquarters in Camden.

Senate House branch sent Vice Chair and Treasurer Angela Ireland to represent our views. Based on discussions on Senate House picket lines this morning and emails from members overnight, we advised Angela to reject the proposed agreement (if an opportunity arose). The motion to reject is consistent with how neighbouring UoL UCU branches have responded. We understand that HEC used this branch meeting as a sounding board to gauge what branches think and that members of the HEC will be asked to vote on the proposed agreement later in the day.

We understand members will have questions and opinions. Please email us. We will convene an all-members meeting shortly after we return to work so that you can have your say.

4.30pm update: the HEC of UCU have voted to reject the ACAS-arbitrated agreement.