85 and counting: MPs in support of our pensions fight

EC264A70-5BB8-40B4-BE36-C8EEAF1B6F6FOne of the things you can do express your views about the changes to USS is write to your MP encouraging them to sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 619.

EDMs allow MPs to publicly indicate their support around a specific issue. EDM 619, ‘Defending Academic Pensions’, has been signed by 85 MPs so far, which puts it in the top 20 most popular EDMs made in this session of parliament.

One of our members wrote to their MP asking them to sign EDM 619. Not only have they done this, but they received the following response:

Dear **,

Thank you for email on the important issue of the USS pensions dispute between academic staff and Universities UK. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing.

University staff, whether in teaching or research positions, fulfil vital roles in our society and we are indebted to their dedication to the profession. I am concerned about the current situation and have signed EDM 619.

We need to ensure that changes to pay and pensions do not make careers less attractive, adversely affect recruitment and retention or impact universities’ ability to offer world class education.

Strike action is always a last resort. It is essential now that UUK come back to the negotiating table and enter into meaningful negotiations with the UCU to resolve this dispute. I will continue to work with my Labour colleagues to demand the Government does what they can to help facilitate this.

Best wishes

***”, (MP for a London constituency)

To ask your MP to help defend our pensions, use this form from the UCU website.