University of London offer on annual leave for grades 1-6.

Dear colleague

UCU and UNISON have received the following offer from the University of London in the campaign to equalise leave arrangements. It is not everything members would have wanted but it does represent progress in the correct direction.

We would like to receive informal feedback from you on whether you support these changes. The Senate House UCU committee will consider your response inform on whether we accept the offer from the University.

  1. to increase leave to levels 1 – 6 by two days to 27 days for full-time staff (pro-rata for part-time) for all current staff in these grades and all future joiners. The implementation date will depend on the date of agreement following the unions’ consultation with their membership but could be from 1 February 2016 if agreement is reached before the end of July;
  1. existing staff will be offered the choice of moving to the new leave allowance or, if they wish, remaining on the old terms on a personal basis;
  1. a review of the current TOIL arrangements in partnership with the recognised unions. We will discuss the terms of reference of such a review separately;
  1. as a condition of making this increase, the current arrangements for starters and leavers in all grades will be changed so that the leave allowance for the months of starting and leaving is calculated pro-rata to the number of days actually worked, rounded up to the nearest half-day. I enclose a chart which indicates how this would work in practice.

On item 2: This is a reference to the fact that part-time staff (all grades) who normally do not work on Mondays receive less annual leave on the whole than those who do work on Mondays, due to Bank Holidays usually falling on a Monday. This will be ended if you request it, but if you benefit by usually working on Mondays you do not have to move over.

On item 3: UCU will take up this issue separately and we recognise this is an issue for staff graded Level 07 and above.

On item 4: This is potentally a detrimental change affecting all members of staff. There is a practice when a member of staff’s final day of work is part way through a month, their final leave calculation is rounded to the nearest month. (i.e. up to 2.5 days leave for one extra day’s work).