EU Employment status

Hello all

Many of us seem to have been reflecting on the vote to leave the EU. As someone who is very much pro-EU, I do wonder if I could have done more during the campaign, rather than sitting back and watching the debate unfold.

The University has communicated the following to staff (you need to log in to view content).

Today I have written to the University with the following  communication suggestions

  1. That the University values the contributions that EU citizens make to the University, both academically and professionally.
  2. That the University will undertake to support to the maximum extent possible current staff who are EU citizens, continuing their employment with the University.
  3. That the University recognises this is potentially a stressful situation for EU citizens, and requests that members of staff note this and refrain from comments regarding EU migration and speculating on their colleagues future employment and residency status. Even if such comments are light-hearted, they may still cause offense or upset.