Election result

If you are a UoL member of staff, you will have seen the summary of the election results in that the Level 7-10 ballot resulted in the UCU and UNISON candidates being elected.

On behalf of myself, Angela and Sam, I would like to thank you for reaffirming your faith in UCU and UNISON and us as your elected representatives. First and foremost elected by you as subscribing UCU members at our AGM, but now also in this wider staff ballot, which included those who do not subscribe to a union.

Naturally we are disappointed that Laura and Franco did not also get elected, so we should not pretend this is a complete victory. It is not. We will reflect deeply on this outcome.

The committee of the 5 elected representatives will likely begin meeting with University representatives in April to discuss a way forward on the matters of Information and Consultation with staff. Being concurrently (and temporarily) an elected representative of the Grade 7-10 constituency as well as the elected representative of UCU members we (myself and Angela) should not have a great deal of conflict of interest, due to naturally overlapping membership and interests. Part of the manifesto that we presented to staff during the election was that whether or not you were a member of UCU, we nevertheless represented those Grades in many collective issues. Staff in grades 7-10 overwhelmingly seem to have agreed with us in this respect. We encourage all staff in grades 7-10 to join UCU and get involved in industrial relations via this channel.

In summary therefore,  we will primarily I will report progress on negotiations to UCU members but we do reserve the right to communicate information to the grades who elected us.