Forthcoming election

The Senate House committee is meeting on Monday to decide whether UCU should engage in this process and if so, which candidates would be allowed to have the endorsement of UCU in their declaration.

This does not mean that other members of UCU cannot legitimately stand in this election process, but they would do so without UCU endorsement and possibly against the wishes of the committee. Therefore may I ask that all members of UCU refrain from submitting any application on Monday until the committee has had an opportunity to meet and decide the approach we are going to take.

Primarily our focus is likely to be on endorsing candidates for the L07-L10 constituency, so if you, as a member wish to be involved in this process, even as a candidate, please get in touch with me ASAP.

In addition we do know some of you are in the L01-L06 constituency. If so, I would be particular keen to speak to you regarding candidacy in this constituency. This may be very helpful.